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Elias Nour

Atlanta’s “Little Syria”

Manuel's Tavern

Manuel's Tavern on N. Highland Ave.

On December 7, Brian Maloof, owner of Manuel’s Tavern, spoke to Atlanta Studies in the North Ave. Room of his own establishment about the future of his “quintessential neighborhood bar,” which will temporarily close on December 27 for renovations, the first of such since Brian’s father, Dekalb County politician Manuel Maloof, bought and transformed Harry’s Delicatessen with a $4,500 down payment back in 1956. His talk was mostly informational: parking (losing some spaces), seating (a few tables will disappear inside, but the tavern’s gaining outside seating), handicap accessibility (at last), building code compliance (again, at last, and somehow they always got a pass), goodbye to any unsentimental commercial décor (wood paneling, memorabilia, and, of course, the century-old wooden bar top from his grandfather Gibran Mansour Maloof’s erstwhile Tip Top Billiard Parlor stay), the rooftop chickens will be on a “romantic getaway” but will return, and—what everyone was dying to know—fingers crossed it will reopen in time for the 2016 elections and the tavern's 60th birthday next year.